Urbexing—Vic Invades

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on November 8, 2015

Trevor Paglen—Six Landscapes

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on October 10, 2015

Beijing Silvermine – Thomas Sauvin

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on August 5, 2015

Beijing Silvermine – Thomas Sauvin from Emiland Guillerme on Vimeo.

Maroesjka Lavigne – Foam talent

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on July 24, 2015

Foam Talent 2012: Maroesjka Lavigne from Foam Magazine on Vimeo.

The annual Foam Talent Call is designed to showcase exceptional young photographers from all over the world. Last year, in addition to being published in the annual photography magazine, Foam Magazine, the works of the 16 selected Talents were showcased in a large outdoor billboard exhibition at Unseen Photo Fair 2012. At Unseen, Talents were introduced to professionals in the photography industry and photography enthusiasts keen on discovering new talent.

Are you the world's next photography talent? The Foam Talent Call 2013 is open now for submissions! Submit your work before April 1st 2013 on www.foamtalent.com.

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Martin Parr – International Center of Photography Lecture

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on July 20, 2015

JH Engstrøm

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on July 10, 2015

JH Engström: Leica Oskar Barnack Award Winner 2015 from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

JH Engström is honored with the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015 for his photographic project titled Tout Va Bien. Born in Sweden, JH Engström’s prize includes a cash prize of 25,000 euros and a Leica M camera and lens. Tout Va Bien does not handle a concrete subject in the traditional sense. The Swedish photographer JH Engström intends his project to be seen much more as visual poetry – a photographic narrative with strong autobiographical elements. Despite this, it does not exclusively depict aspects of his own life. Tout Va Bien is a sequence of widely differing images. The winning series includes both portraits and landscapes, as well as bizarre snapshots like the photograph of the birth of his twins. The photographer also switches between exposures in black and white and colour. Engström plays with contrasts and leaves it to viewers to find their own ways of reading and interpreting each picture. The complete project comprises 90 images and will be published in book form by Aperture in July.

Jonathan Mannion

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on February 14, 2015

Cool Hunting Video: Photographer Jonathan Mannion from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

AARH Magazine – issue 2

by Hypnotheis on February 13, 2015

As the weekend approached, so did our brand new second issue of AARH Magazine. Read it now or save it for your hangover.

A special thank you to Wang Wei, Jānis Vēliņš, Cecilia Riis, Andreas Krautwald, Trine Kobborg, Oscar Luis Levcovich, and Dag Knudsen.

Henri Cartier Bresson – Pen, Brush and Camera

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on January 30, 2015

A collection of videos on Zoe Strauss

by Jess Porse Clemmensen on January 26, 2015

"Through the Lens of Zoe Strauss" from Ted Passon on Vimeo.

CalArts Visiting Artist Lecture Series Presents Zoe Strauss March 13, 2014 from CalArts Art School on Vimeo.

Zoe Strauss Lecture from Pier 24 Photography on Vimeo.

Zoe Strauss from USA Projects on Vimeo.