Cameras in music videos … Nikon × Elton John

by Hypnotheis on September 21, 2011

In 1985 Elton John used the Nikon FM2 with a MD-12 motordrive to capture the beautiful borderguard in the video for “Nikita”.
Obviously he hadn’t done a lot of zooming prior to the video shoot.

Nikon FM2
Picture by David Guimarães

The FM2n (1983) was available in either black or chrome finish. The camera is fully mechanical; its meter (and only its meter) requires two PX76 batteries or one CR 1/3N lithium battery. There is a 1–1/4000 sec shutter speed range, plus B; and an ISO range of 12–6400. Focusing screens are interchangeable (Type III screens for the FM3A can be used). The MD-12 motordrive was optional.

I wonder what kind of slide film he used … Probably Ektachrome, since Velvia wasn’t available until 1990.

Kodak Ektachrome 160 135
Picture by Vincenzo Reina

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