Cameras in music videos … Konica × Aloe Blacc

by Hypnotheis on March 10, 2012

The fact that I’m both a father as well as an analog enthusiast is part of the reason that this video for “You Make Me Smile” actually makes me smile.
In it Aloe Blacc plays the part of a struggling photographer surrounding himself with cameras and sporting both the Speed Graphic (Remember Sir Mix-a-Lot?) as well as a Konica S.

Konica S
Photo by David Broglin

The Konica S, introduced in 1959, was the first semi-automatic rangefinder by Konica.
It had an exposure meter and––in Blacc’s case––an 45/2.8 Hexar lens. Other variants had the 48/2 or 48/1.8 Hexanon.

Photo by Thomas

Also, in the back of the kitchen scene is a bunch of Kodak Portra sheet film. I’m still a little bummed out over the fact that they dropped the NC and VC, but I guess the new ones will do.

Photo by Matt Nuzzaco

By the way, the video is directed by photographer Eric Coleman, but that’s a whole different story.

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