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Richard Mosse – The Impossible Image

Speaking of the Congo …

A year previous to the Dear Obama project, Marcus Bleasdale had a book published about the situation in DRC called ‘Rape of a Nation’ (2009).
The amazing pictures tell a grim story of dictatorship, enslavement, rape, and murder.

The Democratic Republic of Congo sits atop one of the world’s most vast deposits of diamonds and gold; yet it is also home to the world’s most deadly war. In Rape of a Nation, photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale explores the connection. See the project at

A different way of raising awareness about the crisis in DRC saw the light of day in July last year, when a bunch of producers led by Damon Albarn travelled to Congo. The purpose was to make an album in 5 days working with local artists.
‘Kinshasa One Two’ was released in October and all profits go to Oxfam‘s work in DRC. Among other things, the campaign to increase phone coverage in the most isolated regions, in order for people there to warn each other of attacks or call for help.

Marcus Bleasdale in Congo

Les Sapeurs de Bacongo

I just came across Daniele Tamagni in The New Yorker’s Photo Booth. Appearantly he’s touring with a series called “Gentlemen of Bacongo” plus a book to back it up.

If you’re well into the languages of the world, you can check out this clip from his show in Amsterdam last year: