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AARH Magazine – issue 2

As the weekend approached, so did our brand new second issue of AARH Magazine. Read it now or save it for your hangover.

A special thank you to Wang Wei, Jānis Vēliņš, Cecilia Riis, Andreas Krautwald, Trine Kobborg, Oscar Luis Levcovich, and Dag Knudsen.

Peter Funch at VOLTA10

AARH Magazine – issue 1

Wolfgang Tillmanns

Wolfgang Tillmans is a German photographer and artist who lives and works in London and Berlin. Motivated by aesthetic and political concerns and interested in formulations of reality and truth claims, his work took the shape of portraiture, still-life, landscape and abstract photography that directly addresses the photographic process and its components.

Meet Sergej Vutuc

Doboj born (1979) and Zagreb raised Sergej Vutuc takes skateboard photography to a whole other level.

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Duane Michals

Sequences and stories.

Fraction Magazine

Fraction Magazine

Fraction Magazine

Fraction Magazine was started in a little coffee shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March of 2008 by Joshua Spees and David Bram. In 2009, Josh got married, moved to the East Coast, and is now pursuing other photographic avenues.

Today, Fraction Magazine is edited and curated by David, and often includes guest curators and writers such as Melanie McWhorter, Mary Goodwin and Larissa Leclair.

Read the Fraction Magazine blog here.

Disassembled household appliances by Brittny Badger

Disassembled household appliances by Brittny Badger

Brittny Badger is a Hartford Art School graduate with a BFA in photography and minor in visual communication design. Have a look a her collection of disassembled household appliances.