Cameras in music videos … Minolta × Olympus × Flødeklinikken

With a Minolta 7000 AF, an Olympus OM (possibly M-1 og OM-2), and a third unidentified camera Flødeklinikken let’s three girls shoot eachother for their 2011 video “Piger med pistoler” (“Girls with Guns”).

Minolta Maxxum 7000
Picture by Steve Harwood

shoot me
Picture by Spyros Bouboukas

If you can identify the third camera, please let us know. We just gots ta know.

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  1. Exactly, at first i thought it was a mamiya 7 and got a hard-on, then i paused the video in HD and realized it’s the fuji.. But still, a rangefinder i would like to own!

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