Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad is a Kiev-based trio, that works in provocative banter-style.

“We are in love with these people who are not eager to please. Sometimes even the most shy and constrained are unexpected in their behaviour during shooting process. Shooting with us is an interesting and lively dialogue with those who are difficult to get in touch with in everyday life”

You’re an artist collective – what are your roles?

“We do not have specific roles, it all depends on the project that we are doing now”

The situation with Ukraine and Russia is tense, yet your pictures have a chilled vibe, is this something you think about when creating your work?

“Yes it is true, the situation is really very hard, but we are apolitical in our creativity. Our activities are based in the context of youth culture, and all thought about it”

What are your 5 favourite things to do?

“Party, drink, sex, dancing, whateverism”